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Sending email To Inmates

someone handing mail to an inmate

It can be hard staying in touch with those we love, especially when they are locked away in jail or prison; writing letters by hand isn't just time consuming for some, it's a burden. When that's the case, using this service to send mail to inmates is simple, less stressful and provides a bond between inmates and those on the outside. Many people can write an email in a few minutes but most current facilities DO NOT provide email accounts for prisoners. allows you to do it by converting electronic messages to postal mail which is accepted.

How To Send Mail To Inmates

Compose a letter using your email account or forms provided on this site. Depending on the options you'd like, we'll process your request within a few hours and will have a custom prepared mailing that's sent to the inmate you're corresponding with. That's all that's required on your part, writing, the rest is handled for you and the inmate gets a personal letter. Other features offered are uploading photos that will be printed and added to your mail, stylized printed text and sending postcards for agecies that no longer accept closed envelopes. The service allows you to send mail to prison inmates and prison penpals also.

Getting Started

The basic requirements to use this service to send mail to an inmate is an email account, an inmate to write to and paying a small service fee to handle the processing. Get started by signing up and composing your first letter. After confirming your registration, you will be logged in automatically and you'll find more features available to you including the composition forms. Special requests are always considered but please be aware that THERE ARE restrictions imposed by certain agencies and organizations that mean you'll need to abide by those rules or your mail will be returned; we don't read or edit your mail, it's your responsibility.

What Inmates Do In Their Spare Time

While most people go about their lives feeling busy, inmates sit in jail, often with nothing to do but watch TV, which isn't as much fun as it sounds. Aside from regular meals and daily routine, if an inmate has money "on the books" they can purchase items from a commissary store which often gives a person some temporary activity; puzzle books, playing cards, extra food to prepare and eat, and hygiene items are the most common. Otherwise its eat, sleep and talk to other inmates whom they may have nothing in common with, but have no other way to pass the time. While jails and prisons do have programs for inmates to attend, like church services, recreation and AA meetings, in a 24 hour day a one or two hour distraction from their surroundings just isn't enough. What makes writing prisoners inmate mail so special and important to inmates is that you're their contact with the outside world, they feel you have no restrictions on your life but they are separated from people by more than just walls, it's an emotional prison too.

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